iPhone SE (2020) Review

after having the iPhone SE for quite a while now I can say it’s a pretty good phone but of course, nothing like the flagship devices we see nowadays every day we can say that the iPhone SE is just a phone that can get you going specially if you looking for something away from taking photos and have a heavy load application and I’m gonna specify why in a moment but overall let’s breakdown the list to the pros and cons of having this simple device.

pro : the price

The price of the iPhone SE 2 is the most attractive feature. With a starting price of $399, it appeals to a broader range of customers looking for a high-quality device at a low price. i mean who wouldn’t get an iPhone for this price specially nowadays but

pro : charging wirelessly

having the same feature like the flagship phones is a great point for the iPhone SE with the use of Qi wireless chargers This is particularly useful if you already own a Qi wireless charger. it’s also fantastic feature if you have to leave it on the desk without the complicated wires everywhere.

pro : A13 bionic

as per my experience, i would say it’s a pro and con at the same time as per apple website the phone has the same brain as the flagship phone and the point of putting this ship in the phone is to give speed and also smooth experience when you lunch apps even in augmented reality apps, but for some apps, it just crash the whole app and jump out to the main screen so I would say this a pro and con but at least we have it in the iPhone SE so it’s a pro as far as the user concern

pro : Bluetooth 5.0

Having Bluetooth 5.0 is essential option This allows you to play audio on two connected devices at the same time. if you think it’s not worth it well maybe you should try it yourself to see how cool and fast the connection will be .

con : screen size

The 4.7-inch display on the iPhone SE 2 is a liquid-crystal display (LCD) rather than organic light-emitting diode (OLED). screen size reminds us of the iPhone 5 and 6 when we used to have smaller screen size but it get the job done even though the resolution not as great as the other flagship devices but still you can watch HD contents and you can be very satisfied with.

con : touch ID

having touch ID instead of the face recognition feature is a bit hard to go back again struggling with the touch ID specially if you working out or having some sweat in your hand opening the phone with the touch ID is pain and at the end you will have to open it with the passcode.

con : battery life

The iPhone SE has a 13-hour battery life while viewing videos, eight-hours when streaming videos, and 40-hours while listening to music. When using an 18W power adapter or higher, it is capable of rapid charging and can reach 50% capacity in 30 minutes. but using the phone in real life the battery lasts less way less than that.

over all the device is great and for that price and the option you get with it it’s a fantastic deal.

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