Tesla Model 3 Is One Of Consumer Reports Top Pick For 2020

Photo by Charlie Deets on Unsplash

Tesla model 3 comes this year in the consumer top pick since the car has been chosen as one of the best cars in 2020 Along with the Lexus RX and the Toyota Supra, the Model 3 was selected as one of three vehicles in the $45K-$55K range. “Impressive handling and fast precision steering [that] make it feel like a race car,” CR said, praising the car’s “thrilling driving experience.” They gave it a small ding for having a “stiff ride” overall, but said that its long EV battery range more than made up for it.

with the Autopilot, an optional system on the car, does not permit the driver to remain active, raising safety issues,” Consumer Reports said explicitly regarding the Model 3 . Tesla has often marketed Autopilot as a driver-assistance capability that allows the driver to be able to take over at any time.

The Model 3’s buttons, on the other hand, are a drawback. Tesla combines the majority of the vehicle’s environmental and content controls into a single wide screen. This is described as “distracting” by Consumer Reports. Tesla’s constantly improving voice controls, which now enable you to switch on a specific seat’s heater or open a specific window with only your voice, can change your mind.

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