everything you need to know about google home assistant

having an assistant that does everything in your house it’s something we often used to see in the movies but here we are living the dream with those small devices that do everything with just one command, we talking about google home assistant in this article I’m gonna bring all the devices that you can choose from and also the difference between each device and the features that each device has so you can decide which device is good for you.

so let’s start by what is google home ?

Google Home is a smart speaker range created by Google and sold under the Google Nest name. The devices encourage users to communicate with Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant, by speaking voice commands. Users will listen to music from a combination of in-house and third-party platforms,You may use your voice to monitor the playback of videos or images, or to get news alerts. Home automation is now incorporated into Google Nest products, enabling users to power smart home appliances with their voice commands. The first computer, Google Home, was launched in November 2016 in the United States, with additional app launches taking place worldwide .

google home types :

1 – google nest hub :

Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

google nest hub is by far is the favorite for a-lot of people specially when google introduce the nest hub 2nd generation, that is capable of detecting movement and breathing. There’s no camera onboard; instead, an onboard radar sensor monitors your bed time, disturbed times, snoring disturbances, and other details. One person’s sleep can be monitored using the Nest Hub.

2 – google home mini

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with lots and lost of options you can do with this tiny device, of course won’t be like the nest hub that can shows you everything on the display but it is handy when you can just have it on your desk or beside the bed so you can use it for many things such, Play music, monitor smart home equipment, answer trivia questions, add products to a shopping list, plan appointments, or view videos on a Chromecast-enabled phone.

best features :

  • Broadcasting: Make a statement to one Google Home, and it will be broadcast to all linked smart speakers in your household, or you can broadcast to a single computer. A basic voice command may also be used to respond to a transmission.
  • Routines: Say “Good morning” or “I’m going,” and Google Home will respond in a number of ways, including reminding you about your commute, playing the news, and monitoring your compatible smart home gadgets.
  • weather : ask the device to show you or to give you a full detail about the weather condition, or even if you want to know the weather in the following days as well.
  • Recipes information : when you cook and you need some assistance with the Recipes you can ask the google assistant and if you are using the google nest hub it can give you a report in visual option with images and videos.
  • calling : you can ask google home assistant to make a call or to call another device in the same building
  • night mode : you can ask the device to set a night mood option so the volume can be reduced in specific hour until he morning.
  • Storytime: The smart speaker will recite a range of Disney and Nickelodeon stories aloud. Perhaps better, you can read those stories as your Google Home plays music and offers sound effects.
  • Many lists: Formerly, you could only make shopping lists with your voice. You will now make to-do lists, gift lists, and other lists.

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