Apple Watch features coming in WatchOS 7.4

Image by charlie0111 from Pixabay

When wearing a mask, the watchOS7.4 will also make opening your iPhone a lot easier than before . AirPlay 2 support will now be added to Apple’s upcoming Fitness Plus exercise program as well. Apple hasn’t announced an official release date for the next round of product upgrades but soon we will hear about, but the latest beta of WatchOS 7.4 gives us a sneak peek at all of the upcoming great features coming to the Apple Watch soon, when we used to try to unblock our iPhone while wearing a mask, it was a big challenging, but thanks to the new update that will come soon we gonna see lots of change.

You’ll be able to opt in to a feature on the iPhone that lets you use the Apple Watch to authenticate Face ID while your face is protected for the latest upgrade to WatchOS 7.4 (and iOS 14.5 on the iPhone). Both the Apple Watch and the iPhone must be running the most recent update of their respective apps and password-protected in order to use the feature.

Make sure your Watch is unlocked and on your wrist before turning on the function on your iPhone under the Face ID and passcode function in the settings. You might have to type in your password the first time, but after that, you should be able to access your iPhone with Face ID by swiping up. When your iPhone is activated, the Watch will notify you with a warning and haptic feedback. also to unlocking with the Watch, watchOS 7.4 provides an Apple Fitness Plus upgrade that allows you to cast your exercise sessions to an AirPlay-enabled unit. As a consequence, even though you don’t have Apple TV, you will go along with lessons. However, you must begin the workout on your iPhone or iPad.

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