2022 Toyota 86 is coming with a second generation

the Japanese giant is introducing the second generation of the beautiful-looking 2022 Toyota 86 The twin of the Subaru BRZ has arrived, and like and it looks better than ever, the same sport spirit

Photo by Xavier Rabasa on Unsplash

a quick look on the previous model of the Toyota 86 :

The production of Toyota 86 made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in December 2011. Subaru’s Gunma Main Plant produces both variants, with the first cars being produced on February 2, 2012, followed by sales in March and deliveries in April. The Toyota 86 received 7,000 orders in the first month of launch, while Subaru received 3,500. Scion was given 10,000 units of the 2013 model year (MY13) production in the United States, while Subaru was given just 6,000 units.


With the introduction of the Toyota GR 86 2022, the second-generation Toyobaru lineup is complete. It’s a virtual twin of the Subaru BRZ, with the same rear-wheel-drive configuration and naturally aspirated flat-four engine as before. The GR in its name stands for Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division.

Drivers will have the option of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, and both will transfer power to the rear tires only, which will be 215/40, much like the BRZ’s. A pair of 18-inch wheels is included as standard equipment. A sprint from 0 to 62 mph can take 6.3 seconds with the manual transmission, which is almost a second faster than the outgoing 86.

About the fact that the chassis is shared between the two models, Toyota says that the GR 86 has been tuned to handle differently than the BRZ. However, the firm has yet to specify what this means, but we’re looking forward to see more reviews and see the difference.

Both the BRZ and the GR 86 are estimated to launch at about $31,000. The BRZ, which is set to appear in the United States this autumn, will arrive before the 86. Toyota says its version won’t be available in the United States until the fall, but stay tuned for more information while we hear more about our version, which is expected to launch by the end of this year

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